Facebook DELETE? What should you do?

IN THE HEADLINES Thinking you want to #deletefacebook? Here’s some advice from around the web. Step one: If you’re not “utterly horrified” yet, this article in The Guardian will help. A Facebook whistleblower says he warned Facebook back in 2011 that it should protect user data better from third-party developers to avoid a “black market” forContinue reading “Facebook DELETE? What should you do?”

Gap Analysis Yields New Projects, New Partnerships

At the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia Spain, the International Women’s Media Foundation, the Committee to Protect Journalists and Troll-Busters.com hosted a 2 ½ hour session to create strategies for supporting women journalists online. Dr. Michelle Ferrier, founder of TrollBusters and an associate professor in the E.W Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, ledContinue reading “Gap Analysis Yields New Projects, New Partnerships”

Worthwhile Reading: IAWRT Safety Handbook for Women Journalists

“During my training sessions for female journalists in many countries, I noticed that online harassment is becoming one of the most reported sources of assaults and violations” Saady writes. The International Association of Women in Radio & Television’s “What If?…Safety Handbook for Women Journalists,” is a must-read. Released in November 2017 at the 37th AnnualContinue reading “Worthwhile Reading: IAWRT Safety Handbook for Women Journalists”

TrollBusters Represented at UN Commission on the Status of Women

IN THE HEADLINES As her husband takes pot shots at the media via Twitter, First Lady Melania Trump hosted social media executives at the White House to discuss curbing online harassment this week. Unsurprisingly, Jimmy Kimmel had a field day with the news. And all we did was a simple search  >>>> They may be famous,Continue reading “TrollBusters Represented at UN Commission on the Status of Women”

#MeTooOnline & Women Journalists Center Stage at United Nations #CSW62

With a focus on the #metoo movement and its manifestations online and off, the 62nd annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women sought collaborations and action toward protecting women journalists around the globe. Dr. Michelle Ferrier, founder of Troll-Busters, was an invited panelist on two events hosted by the International Association of WomenContinue reading “#MeTooOnline & Women Journalists Center Stage at United Nations #CSW62”

#HackingHate with Counternarratives

Valencia, Spain proved to be the perfect setting to design art, memes and other visuals to counter online hate. The mural, designed at the Juan Carlos 1 Marina by the artist La Nena, became the basis for this Latina-based meme, created by TrollBusters founder Michelle Ferrier. TrollBusters has used counternarratives since its start in 2015 asContinue reading “#HackingHate with Counternarratives”

Help Us Build A Global Resource Hub

  TrollBusters is working in conjunction with the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe to compile a global resource guide of organizations that are assisting journalists to combat online harassment and protect journalists’ voices and freedom of expression. Our goal is to create location-specific guidelines on support for journalists experiencing online abuse. We willContinue reading “Help Us Build A Global Resource Hub”

Designing a Better Global Response System for Online Abuse

The collective minds of advocates and activists from organizations fighting online abuse against journalists came together March 8 at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. The group designed five new projects to support journalists under attack. TrollBusters Founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier, along with Elisa Lees Munoz, executive director of the International Women’s Media FoundationContinue reading “Designing a Better Global Response System for Online Abuse”

International Women’s Day – Action Around the World

IN THE HEADLINES It’s a small win. Twitter will no longer allow trolls to encourage you to commit suicide or self-harm. Vice’s Motherboard writes about the new rules. Microsoft researches digital civility. ICYMI, Microsoft recently released its 2017 Digital Civility Study. The study included respondents from 23 countries and asked them about their experiences with 20Continue reading “International Women’s Day – Action Around the World”

How To Fight Imposter Tweets

Weekly News, Training & Resources IN THE HEADLINES Overdue: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s not “proud of how people have taken advantage of our service, or our inability to address it fast enough.” He announced an RFP to help measure the health of conversations on the platform Online harassment vs. the First Amendment: A liberal blogContinue reading “How To Fight Imposter Tweets”