A Freelancers Guide to Protections: Personal, Professional, and Financial

May 5, 2021 from 6 – 8pm ET Freelancers and independent journalists are among the most vulnerable when it comes to how we work. Freelancers aren’t often aware of employment laws that could protect us, media outlets and production companies rarely provide us with a contact in Human Resources and we definitely don’t accrue paidContinue reading “A Freelancers Guide to Protections: Personal, Professional, and Financial”

Physical Defense Videos

How-Tos of Physical Defense: Release Moves When journalists go out in the field to report on a story, they are vulnerable to verbal or physical attacks, whether during a one-on-one interview or during a street standup with a crew. What you should do if someone touches you without your consent? Read more >>> How-To in Physical Defense:Continue reading “Physical Defense Videos”