Journalism Educators Share Tips on Training Students for Digital and Physical Harms

By Michelle Ferrier, Ph.D. Journalism educators in the United States must rethink how they train students for newsgathering and journalism work, says Michelle Ferrier, professor at the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and executive director of the Media Innovation Collaboratory, an accelerator for student entrepreneurship. LINK TO 45-MINUTEContinue reading “Journalism Educators Share Tips on Training Students for Digital and Physical Harms”

4 Ways to Avoid Triggering Content

BY TEAM TROLLBUSTERSJournalists use digital tools for newsgathering, finding sources, sharing their work and listening for issues to follow. Many cannot avoid interacting in digital spaces and turn it off when they are receiving online threats. They may be triggered daily with reminders of a hostile online work environment or microaggressions and unwanted sexual advancesContinue reading “4 Ways to Avoid Triggering Content”