We Are Here, Supporting Each Other

   It’s been a busy…and brutal year for TrollBusters and the work we do and for journalism more specifically. Here in the United States and around the globe, journalists navigated triple threats — the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests around the world, and national elections and infectious misinformation that challenged us to do ourContinue reading “We Are Here, Supporting Each Other”


$99.00 The LOVE + HUGS CARE PACKAGE brings a complete safety package to your favorite journalist. This educational toolbox includes: TrollBusters Threat Analyzer Deck TrollBusters Digital Hygiene Training Pack Threat Evidence Log/Penlight 4-Port USB Digital Connector Hub Webcam Cover(s) Self-Care Tea or Aromatherapy Candle 50% off TrollBusters Digital Safety Instructor-Led Videos 6-months Toxic Avengers Club membershipContinue reading “LOVE + HUGS CARE PACKAGE”