#HackingHate with Counternarratives

La Nena is a popular female graffiti artist in Valencia, Spain. This mural graces a wall near the marina.

Valencia, Spain proved to be the perfect setting to design art, memes and other visuals to counter online hate.

The mural, designed at the Juan Carlos 1 Marina by the artist La Nena, became the basis for this Latina-based meme, created by TrollBusters founder Michelle Ferrier. TrollBusters has used counternarratives since its start in 2015 as a tactic to educate and provoke support for women journalists under online attacks.

The meme created by Michelle Ferrier from art by La Nena.

On Friday, March 9, Coding Rights hosted the workshop “Hacking Hate: Creative Tactics to Counterattack Online Gender Violence” at the Internet Freedom Festival to design counternarratives designed to question and challenge misogyny and hate online. Facilitators Lucia Egana, Joana Varon and Paz Pena used the workshop to facilitate a fast production of creative artifacts, using irony and laughter as strategy to both confront sexism and create new references to amplify feminist popular culture. Participants used Giphy and other design tools to use humor and other rhetorical tools to spread using social media using the hashtag #hackinghate. The digital pieces will also be hosted in a virtual museum of women’s voices being created by Coding Rights.

Search #HackingHate for more memes and gifs.



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