TrollBusters Receives $100,000 Grant to Fight Online Harassment

Expanding training for students and young professionals on navigating digital spaces is part of the plan for Dr. Michelle Ferrier and TrollBusters, the project she began in 2015 to fight online harassment against journalists. Ferrier, a professor in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University recently received a $100,000Continue reading “TrollBusters Receives $100,000 Grant to Fight Online Harassment”

TrollBusters Offers Counsel on Election Protections for Journalists

News reports after the presidential debate are warning of an increase in violence during and even after the November 3 election here in the United States. Journalists, reporting on racial unrest in the United States and this election season have already been targets of this violence online and off. Professor Michelle Ferrier, Ph.D., has beenContinue reading “TrollBusters Offers Counsel on Election Protections for Journalists”

Secure Your Video Conferencing Tool for Interviews

Choosing the right tool for your video meetings does not have to be difficult. If you are working on sensitive matters, however, it is important to consider the tool’s security features as you critically assess the right tool for you and your team.  Encryption and Security: What to Consider? There are very few video conferenceContinue reading “Secure Your Video Conferencing Tool for Interviews”

Journalist’s Flame Shines Light on Press Repression

By Jen E. Adams It’s almost impossible to imagine the level of desperation one must reach in order to commit suicide by setting themselves on fire. Self-immolation is largely considered one of the most extreme methods of protest known to humanity, and has been used as a tool of political dissent to bring attention toContinue reading “Journalist’s Flame Shines Light on Press Repression”

Staying Safe When Covering or Attending a Protest

By Team TrollBusters Adapted from EFF’s Attending a Protest guide When working in the field to cover or attend a protest, make sure to be mentally, physically, and digitally prepared for any situation. You have to build up situational awareness and be prepared for any fast-changing scenario.  Protests can be an overwhelming experience when youContinue reading “Staying Safe When Covering or Attending a Protest”