TrollBusters Earns Three Anthem Awards in 2nd Year of Impact Honors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: “TrollBusters and the Media Innovation Collaboratory continue to create tools for digital resilience and expression for women and girls and media workers. Our goal has always been your goal…to keep writing, talking, painting, singing, and by whatever means necessary find new ways to recover your voice online and off.” –Dr.Continue reading “TrollBusters Earns Three Anthem Awards in 2nd Year of Impact Honors”

Democracy Fund Voice Triples Down on Safety Investments for TrollBusters

TrollBusters Granted Additional $100,000 in a Year of Awards and International Impact TALLAHASSEE, Fla., (JUNE 17, 2022) – Democracy Fund Voice has granted $100,000 to TrollBusters, a project of the Media Innovation Collaboratory, for safety and digital resilience training for journalists. The additional investment, following matching grants in 2020 and 2021, come on the closeContinue reading “Democracy Fund Voice Triples Down on Safety Investments for TrollBusters”

TrollBusters Wins Three Global Silver Awards for Social Impact

Toxic Avenger magazine, TrollBusters Educational Campaign Honored For Best-in-Class Human & Civil Rights Work from Inaugural Anthem Awards Tallahassee, FLORIDA — (February 15, 2022) – The Anthem Awards announced today that TrollBusters has been honored with three silver awards in the Human & Civil Rights group in their inaugural awards for its advocacy work withContinue reading “TrollBusters Wins Three Global Silver Awards for Social Impact”

TrollBusters Awarded $20K Grant from Community Infrastructure Fund for Mutual Aid

Funding to launch Toxic Avenger Tribe and text message subscription service Creating response tools that provide digital safety, legal solutions and just-in-time support to journalists of color who are targets of online abuse. (Media Innovation Collaboratory/TrollBusters TALLAHASSEE (January 25, 2022) – Twenty-four mutual aid projects planned by BIPOC-led organizations across the United States recently receivedContinue reading “TrollBusters Awarded $20K Grant from Community Infrastructure Fund for Mutual Aid”

TrollBusters/Toxic Avenger Magazine Named Finalists in Anthem Awards

TALLAHASSEE (January 25, 2022) – Toxic Avenger magazine and the work of TrollBusters are among the finalists announced Tuesday for the inaugural Anthem Awards, designed to showcase and celebrate mission-driven work and social impact. With nearly 25,000 submissions from 36 countries around the world and 10,000 reviews, TrollBusters joins projects like The New York Times’Continue reading “TrollBusters/Toxic Avenger Magazine Named Finalists in Anthem Awards”

A Freelancers Guide to Protections: Personal, Professional, and Financial

May 5, 2021 from 6 – 8pm ET Freelancers and independent journalists are among the most vulnerable when it comes to how we work. Freelancers aren’t often aware of employment laws that could protect us, media outlets and production companies rarely provide us with a contact in Human Resources and we definitely don’t accrue paidContinue reading “A Freelancers Guide to Protections: Personal, Professional, and Financial”

Physical Defense Videos

How-Tos of Physical Defense: Release Moves When journalists go out in the field to report on a story, they are vulnerable to verbal or physical attacks, whether during a one-on-one interview or during a street standup with a crew. What you should do if someone touches you without your consent? Read more >>> How-To in Physical Defense:Continue reading “Physical Defense Videos”

Just how diverse ARE America’s newsrooms?

The racial reckoning is happening inside U.S. newsrooms and across the interwebs as 2021 saw the exit and tumolt of journalists against journalists play out across public exits and “cancel culture” activity. JOURNALISTS REMOVED FROM COVERING BLACK LIVES MATTER. And the recent media coverage of a hate crime in Atlanta in which a white manContinue reading “Just how diverse ARE America’s newsrooms?”

How to Spot a Predator in Physical Space

Are you a woman journalist? Do you often fear for your safety while reporting? Here are a few self-defense tips to keep in mind just in case you find yourself facing a predator. A journalist’s daily routine involves visiting places and talking to people they are unfamiliar with, in order to get the best story.Continue reading “How to Spot a Predator in Physical Space”