Worthwhile Reading: IAWRT Safety Handbook for Women Journalists

“During my training sessions for female journalists in many countries, I noticed that online harassment is becoming one of the most reported sources of assaults and violations” Saady writes.

The International Association of Women in Radio & Television’s “What If?…Safety Handbook for Women Journalists,” is a must-read.IAWRT Safety Manual Cover
Released in November 2017 at the 37th Annual IAWRT Biennial conference, the guide was written by Abeer Saady, an IAWRT international board member, longtime war correspondent, and trainer for journalists reporting in conflict-ridden areas.

Over the course of 95 pages, Saady offers practical advice to women journalists who report in conflict zones or war-torn countries. She structures her tips around what she calls the “safety pyramid”: physical safety, psychosocial safety and digital safety.  

The safety manual covers issues like travel safety, rape as a weapon, psychosocial safety when interviewing survivors, dealing with surveillance and how to avoid being kidnapped. It also includes discussion of ethical decisions like whether or not to interview terrorists and how to avoid exposing your fixers, who may face deep consequences for helping you.

There’s also a section on strategies to deal with online harassment. The chapter offers brass-tacks advice from journalists who’ve been there (including a few tips from Michelle Ferrier, founder of TrollBusters).

You can download the full guide from the IAWRT website.



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