Just how diverse ARE America’s newsrooms?

The racial reckoning is happening inside U.S. newsrooms and across the interwebs as 2021 saw the exit and tumolt of journalists against journalists play out across public exits and “cancel culture” activity. JOURNALISTS REMOVED FROM COVERING BLACK LIVES MATTER. And the recent media coverage of a hate crime in Atlanta in which a white manContinue reading “Just how diverse ARE America’s newsrooms?”

How to Spot a Predator in Physical Space

Are you a woman journalist? Do you often fear for your safety while reporting? Here are a few self-defense tips to keep in mind just in case you find yourself facing a predator. A journalist’s daily routine involves visiting places and talking to people they are unfamiliar with, in order to get the best story.Continue reading “How to Spot a Predator in Physical Space”

4 Ways to Defend During a Physical Attack

When journalists go out in the field to report on a story, they are vulnerable to verbal or physical attacks, whether during a one-on-one interview or during a street standup with a crew. What you should do if someone touches you without your consent? In a Zoom workshop on April 9, the team from TrollBustersContinue reading “4 Ways to Defend During a Physical Attack”

Legal Remedies to Protecting Women Whistleblowers

Program Summary: “Truth Tellers: Surviving the Truth”, UN CSW 65, 22 March 2021 Journalists around the world face online and physical harassment, arrest, rape and death threats for their work. At the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women March 22, FAMU Professor Dr. Michelle Ferrier hosted a panel with women journalists and leadersContinue reading “Legal Remedies to Protecting Women Whistleblowers”

3 Ways to Shut Down Instagram Abuse

By Team TrollBusters Journalists can often get hateful messages or comments from trolls on Instagram. Here are simple ways to shut down online abuse. News professionals often have public profiles on Instagram where they share their latest work — whether it is through images, videos or stories; many reporters use this channel to connect withContinue reading “3 Ways to Shut Down Instagram Abuse”

FAMU Professor Receives Additional $100,000 Grant to Fight Online Harassment

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., March 24, 2021–Expanding training for students and young professionals on navigating digital spaces is part of the plan for Dr. Michelle Ferrier and TrollBusters, the project she began in 2015 to fight online harassment against journalists. Ferrier, a full professor in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida Agricultural & MechanicalContinue reading “FAMU Professor Receives Additional $100,000 Grant to Fight Online Harassment”