You need help right now. And the Doctor is in. More…like your sister circle and a party combined. Join TrollBusters Founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier and her rotating co-hosts for weekly huddles around what’s happening online for journalists and a listening ear.


With trolls and bot armies against you, who’s got your back? We do!

I’m having a private party. With help from a few of your colleagues and new friends, we’ll help you #PowerUp your skills to protect yourself from online and physical attacks.

As the name suggests, each week we share our insights into what we’re seeing, trouble spots, support rallies (our own swarm dammit!) and other news affecting journalists around the globe. We share stories, shine a light in dark places and equip you with skills and support to protect yourself and your reputation.

In 30 minutes online, by phone or by computer, we break down what you need to know:

  • What We’re Watching: The news of the day and what we’re seeing online globally.
  • What’s Going On? Chatham House Rules. We share our stories. We co-create solutions. And we shine a light.
  • Digital Hygiene Lesson (Group Work): 15-minute digital cleanup; we walk you through the steps. Get your online protections in place.
  • Individualized Office Hours (Consultation and referral for additional services with technologists, peer counseling, law advocate, management advocate, cyberforensics, etc).
  • Training: Building your skills to protect sources, yourself and your work.

This is a PRIVATE PARTY.  Each week, we vet all attendees on the webinar to ensure you have a safe environment for sharing your stories AND you get the hands-on attention to your issues.

So, join us on Wednesdays for this intimate conversation with folks who have been there, and solved for that.

We’ve got your back.

Launching Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Register here.