Prevent online harassment before it starts. Each lesson takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Start now by keeping harassment from migrating offline.

Online Protection | Tip # 1: Use people search services to find out what's online about you and remove your listings. TrollBusters Tip #2: Add RX_TIP_03 RX_TIP_04 RX_TIP_05 RX_TIP_06 RX_TIP_07 RX_TIP_08 RX_TIP_09 RX_TIP_10 RX_TIP_11 RX_TIP_12 RX_TIP_13 RX_TIP_14 RX_TIP_15 RX_TIP_16

  1. Removing public data
  2. Privacy protection on domain names
  3. Https everywhere
  4. Anonymous “Tor” cloak or VPN
  5. Prepare for a DDos attack
  6. Two-step verification
  7. Privacy plug-ins/cookies
  8. Third-party permissions
  9. Image “hidden pixels”
  10. Links and attachments
  11. Install patches and updates
  12. Use a password manager/strong password
  13. Strengthen security questions
  14. Encrypt hard drive/backup data
  15. Click to play
  16. Use end-to-end encryption