Digital Hygiene Lessons

Remove your mailing address from data broker sites

Prevent online harassment before it starts. Each lesson takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Start now by keeping harassment from migrating offline.

  1. Removing public data
  2. Privacy protection on domain names
  3. Https everywhere
  4. Anonymous “Tor” cloak or VPN
  5. Prepare for a DDos attack
  6. Two-step verification
  7. Privacy plug-ins/cookies
  8. Third-party permissions
  9. Image “hidden pixels”
  10. Links and attachments
  11. Install patches and updates
  12. Use a password manager/strong password
  13. Strengthen security questions
  14. Encrypt hard drive/backup data
  15. Click to play
  16. Use end-to-end encryption
Tip 1: Removing public dataTip 2: Privacy protection on domain names
Tip 3: Https everywhereTip 4: Anonymous “Tor” cloak or VPN
Tip 5: Prepare for a DDos attack Tip 6: Two-step verification
Tip 7: Privacy plug-ins/cookiesTip 8: Third-party permissions
Tip 9: Image “hidden pixels” Tip 10: Links and attachments
Tip 11: Install patches and updatesTip 12: Use a password manager/
strong password
Tip 13: Strengthen security questionsTip 14: Encrypt hard drive/backup data
Tip 15: Click to playTip 16 : Use end-to-end encryption

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