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Did you know that women journalists experience online abuse nearly daily, with more than TWO THIRDS saying they never told management or colleagues? Online threats, reputation and smear campaigns, deepfakes and other tactics have been used to target journalists, technologists, and media workers. It’s isolating…and exhausting.

The platforms won’t help us. They block us for days. Or worse, take down our legitimate content or suspend our social accounts. Or we’re told to suck it up by colleagues. Or get a thick skin. Or our threats are ignored by police. 

I started TrollBusters seven years ago because I wanted to build the support for journalists that I wanted to see in the world. “Something anti-Gamergate…?” I said to a team of women journalists at a hackathon for women publishers.

TrollBusters started out in 2015 with our Pilot 100 women journalists. Monitoring the interwebs for toxic talk and snapping back. Listening and coaching you to stay strong and keep writing. Providing just-in-time training and response. And learning how to support journalists as we do our work in digital spaces. We’ve found that mutual aid and support helps keep YOU digitally resilient. And that’s why we’re building our rapid-response network to get you what you need today.

How the Toxic Avenger Tribe Works on Subtext

Subtext let’s us connect to you on your mobile via text message to deliver just-in-time news and education to keep you frosty online. You also get access to TrollBusters’ digital hygiene lessons, coaching, training and research in harassment solutions just for journalists. You’re connected to a network of colleagues, humans working in digital rights and journalism. And you’ll get phone call access to coaching and support.

  • News You Can Use: Sign up to our channel on Subtext,  by texting the word “JOIN” to +1-202-846-2611. You’ll subscribe to our hosts and digital coaches via text, where we will send relevant news and commentary about what’s happening in digital practices and safety to your phone. Reminders of safety practices you need to attend to today to shore up vulnerabilities.
  • Mutual Aid: We monitor the interwebs and provide guidance on being an ally in digital spaces. We work together with our network to create a digital hedge of protection to support colleagues under attack.
  • Text Back Chat: You can also text us with reports of online harassment, and we will engage our supports to help you or your colleague get the help you need.

That’s it. 
That’s how we beat the trolls. By working smart, together.

Join us ❤

Dr. Michelle Ferrier and Team TrollBusters 

P.S. Subtext is available in the United States and in selected overseas countries. Please check our subscription link to see if your locale has been added. Standard text messaging rates for mobile carriers apply. Subscribe here:

News You Can Use

News and analysis from around the globe on digital culture and practices and mitigating harms.

Text Back Chat

Connect with real humans on Team TrollBusters who can connect you with our resources and partners around the globe.

Mutual Aid Network

Send us reports of bad behavior online. We engage the network in providing just-in-time support to your reputation and work online.

“Thank you to TrollBusters for being there to strategize about dealing with law enforcement and helping me to report the online abuse.

Jane Doe Journalist

Let’s make something beautiful together.
“Something ‘anti-Gamergate’…became TrollBusters and the Toxic Avenger Tribe. Beautiful!”

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