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TrollBusters Founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier received one of ten of the 2017 SXSW Community Service Awards that reflect the heart and soul of the SXSW Interactive event in Austin, Tex. Like the co-founder of SXSW Interactive, Dewey Winburne, these ten honorees are doing work to make a positive difference in their communities through technology.

brussels1    brussels2

Dr. Michelle Ferrier was invited to the Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights held in Brussels on November 17-18, 2016.  The discussion focused on the multiple links between free and pluralistic media and democracy and are summarised in the Colloquium conclusions paper on the event webpage:


Fair “TrollBusters Combat Online Harassment of Women, With Love,” [August 29, 2016] by Federica Tedeschi.

The Mary Sue [June 17, 2016] “Michelle Ferrier’s TrollBusters Gives Women Writers “Pest Control” For Online Harassment,” by Maddy Myers:

EContent [June 10, 2016] “A Conversation with TrollBusters Founder, Dr. Michelle Ferrier,” by Nancy Davis Kho (Q and A with Michelle Ferrier)

New York Times [May 16, 2016] Lessons for Stopping an Adult Cyberbully,” by Elizabeth Bernstein:

NTEN (NonProfit Technology Network) [April 20, 2016] “Q&A With Trollbusters’ Founder, Michelle Ferrier,” by Steph Routh (with Michelle Ferrier)

 The Daily Rumpus, [April 15, 2016] “A Hedge of Protection,” by Adam Keller:

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media [2016]: New Challenges to Freedom of Expression: Countering Online Abuse of Female Journalists, “Beyond anecdotal reports: Some hard data about the online abuse of women journalists,” by Elisa Lee Munoz, International Women’s Media Foundation, Vienna, Austria.

The Guardian [April 13, 2016] “Online abuse: how women are fighting back”: by Leigh Alexander : Https://

All Digitocracy, [April 4, 2016] “Women journalists experience gendered attacks. for women journalists of color the abuse is often much worse,” by Sherri Williams:

Bustle [March 21, 2016] “TrollBusters Supports Women Writers On Twitter, Plus 3 More Resources To Deal With Online Harassment” by Suzanne Weiss:

Texas Monthly [March 15, 2016] “The SXSW Online Harassment Summit was a small but necessary step forward,” by Doyin Oyeniyi:

KEYE-TV [March 12, 2016] “Security tight at first ever SXSW Online Harassment Summit,” by Nadia Galindo:

The Daily Pot [February 18, 2016] “Troll Busters helps protect women writers from online bullies,” by Marisa Kabas:

Nieman Lab Foundation at Harvard [February 16, 2016] “Brain food: Here are 15 smart people talking for 5 minutes each about journalism’s future: on fighting harassment,” by Joshua Benton.

All Digitocracy, [December 3, 2015] “Women journalists of color hit harder by harassment,” by Tracie Powell:

All Digitocracy, [December 3, 2015] “Combating Hate Speech Against Women Journalists On Twitter,” by Tracie Powell:

Glamour Magazine, [December 1, 2015] “3 Women Who Fight Back Against Online Bullying,” by Staff:

The Newspaper Guild, [November 1, 2015] “Women, Journalism, Harassment Panel, Dec. 1, by Staff :

The Post [September 21, 2015] “TrollBusters, which aims to combat cyber harassment,” by Brian Fogel:

Columbia Journalism Review, [July/August Edition , 2015] “The invaluable service of TrollBusters,” by by Lene Bech Sillesen, CJR Delacorte Fellow:

 Knight Digital Media Center [March 4, 2015] “TrollBusters: Strategies to Preserve Constructive Online Discourse,” by Amy Gahran:

TSOD (Training Services On Demand) [February 27, 2015] “Cyberbullied Educator Creates Trollbuster,” by Collin Hanner:

International Press Institute (English version) [February 24, 2015] “New App to Fight Online Abuse,” by Louisa Reynolds:

International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) [February 23, 2015] “Tips and Tools for Journalists to Deal with Online Harassment,” by Natasha Tynes:

Boston Globe [February 13, 2015] “TrollBusters app Goes After Misogyny Online,” by Louisa Reynolds:

WOUB Public Media: [February 11, 2015] “Interview with Michelle Ferrier and TrollBusters,”

Committee to Protect Journalists [February 10, 2015] “TrollBusters App Takes on those Seeking to Silence Women Writers,” by Louisa Reynolds:

All Digitocracy [February 1, 2015] “Combatting Hate Speech Against Women on Twitter,” by Tracie Powell:


Diario Digital: [February 9, 2015] “TrollBusters,” by Luis Assardo:

International Press Institute: [February 10, 2015] “New app to fight online abuse: TrollBusters to use technology to identify harassers, support victims,” by Louisa Reynolds (Spanish version):

Estrategia&Negocios: [February 13, 2015] “Herramienta para combater acoso cibernetico contra mujeres,” by Louisa Reynolds:ético-contra-mujeres [March 31, 2015] “Revisa estos consejos y herramientas para enfrentar el acoiso en linea,” by IJNet


Panelist. Social Media Weekend, “Online Harassment and TrollBusters,” June 10, 2016, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, New York.

Panelist. News Impact Summit. “Trolls, Corruption, Falsehood: Reporting ‘Truth’ in the Digital Age”, May 12, 2016, European Journalism Centre, London School of Economics, London.

Panelist. SXSW Online Harassment Summit 2016, “Tech and the United Front Against Online Hate”, March 12, 2016, SXSW, Austin, Texas.

Ignite Talk Speaker, Newsgeist 2015, “Hate Mail, Love Letters; Online Harassment and the Threat to Journalism,” November 11, 2015, Newsgeist/Google, Phoenix, Arizona. Video:

Keynote Speaker. Online News Association 2015, “We Belong Here: Pushing Back Against Online Harassment”, September 25, 2015, Online News Association, Los Angeles, California.

Presenter. World Press Freedom Day 2015, “Let Journalism Thrive! Towards Better Reporting, Gender Equality & Media Safety in the Digital Age,” May 1, 2015, UNESCO, United Nations, New York.


Newsgeist 2015 Ignite Talk by Michelle Ferrier
2015 11 30 posted by Chris Shipley
“Hate Mail, Love Letters: Online Harassment and the Threat to Journalism”

CBC Radio
2016 03 12 with Sook-Yin Lee (radio interview/audio clip)
“Trollbusters: Fighting to keep women writers online”

91.7, 88.5 Radio
2016 05 10 by Mark Heyne (audio clip)
The Founder Of TrollBusters On Fighting Online Harassment


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