Celebrating 3 Years Of Protecting Women Journalists Online!

TrollBusters Turns Three! We’ve Built New Tools & New Partnerships Last year, we saw renewed threats against journalists online, particularly here in the U.S. with the election of President Donald Trump. From anti-Semitic (((signalling))) to the discrediting of the media from the highest office in the land, U.S. journalists are under attack. So we’ve been busy.Continue reading “Celebrating 3 Years Of Protecting Women Journalists Online!”

Newmark Foundation Grant to Enable Research by IWMF and TrollBusters on Online Harassment of Female Journalists in U.S.

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) has just received a grant from the Craig Newmark Foundation to conduct research in the United States on online harassment of women journalists. Dr. Michelle Ferrier, founder of TrollBusters, will be the principal investigator on the project.