Extreme trolling leads journalist to fake death

IN THE HEADLINES Lazarus Lives?!? Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko  faked his death to out those he claims were plotting his assasination. The bizarre “fake news” reveal left some in the profession questioning Babchenko and the Ukrainian government for his stunt. We here at TrollBusters understand that sometimes you have to use extreme measures to prove you’re underContinue reading “Extreme trolling leads journalist to fake death”

Tarred and Feathered for Life: Bart Christner and the Mugshot.com Effect

Your Honor, perhaps you can imagine how hard it was to begin to piece together my life without work and with websites like MugShot.com propagating my false arrest all over the internet…After paying to get my mugshot removed from these online sites, it simply crops up on another new site that extorts more money toContinue reading “Tarred and Feathered for Life: Bart Christner and the Mugshot.com Effect”

We’re Celebrating the Dragging of Mugshots.com’ Owners on Twitter

Mugshots.com owners Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, Thomas Keesee, and David Usdan were arrested last week on charges of extortion, money laundering and identity theft. Their online platform featured public record mug shots of those who encounter the U.S. justice system, whether on warrant or spurious charges. Those people featured in these mug shots areContinue reading “We’re Celebrating the Dragging of Mugshots.com’ Owners on Twitter”

Beware the Baby Data: How GDPR Privacy Changes Affect Users, Businesses

“Alexa, turn off the lights. Read me a bedtime story…” This innocuous command may someday be used to determine the insurance eligibility of the user. Research has shown that children who stay up late have behavioral and academic problems. User data, combined with other identifiable data about bedtimes and sleep habits could be used inContinue reading “Beware the Baby Data: How GDPR Privacy Changes Affect Users, Businesses”

Twitter’s focusing on behavioral cues to tackle online abuse

IN THE HEADLINES Twitter is tweaking its algorithms to weed out more online abuse. Chief exec Jack Dorsey explains to The Guardian that “The spirit of the thing is that we want to take the burden off the person receiving abuse or mob-like behavior. You can’t just ignore (all) the trolls, says this writer, who talksContinue reading “Twitter’s focusing on behavioral cues to tackle online abuse”

If You Can’t #BeBest, #BeOriginal…Are We #Winning?

IN THE HEADLINES Freelancers need protection too, writes Elisabet Cantenys in Open Society Foundations. Freelancers are especially vulnerable as their next job depends on their reputation…EVERY…SINGLE…TIME. Justin Trudeau and a host of Canadian leaders call out social media platforms to discuss the online harassment experiences of women leaders, particularly’s Alberta Premier @RachelNotley who has received death threatsContinue reading “If You Can’t #BeBest, #BeOriginal…Are We #Winning?”

Oh, the lengths to which we have to go…#ShePersisted

IN THE HEADLINES She had to copyright her breasts to fight revenge porn, but #shepersisted. This month, represented by The Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project, an unnamed woman won her lawsuit against an ex who was spreading her naked pics online. She was awarded $6.45 million. What we’re watching: The attorney for MSNBC host JoyContinue reading “Oh, the lengths to which we have to go…#ShePersisted”

Our new chatbot helps you navigate online abuse

IN THE HEADLINES Misogynistic abuse, particularly of women journalists, is “tediously predictable” says a recent report about the online harassment of women on the Australian Broadcast Corporation. It seems Facebook likes watching. When complete strangers were rating this woman on “how f*ckable she is, she couldn’t gain access to the private group and couldn’t get Facebook to shut it down.Continue reading “Our new chatbot helps you navigate online abuse”

Chatbot Provides AI-Powered Coaching for Online Attacks

50 different Twitter threats an hour. One woman journalist was overwhelmed at the threatening tweets coming at her from different users. Combatting the online activity quickly took over her work plan for the day. She turned to TrollBusters for help. TrollBusters new chatbot, linked on http://www.troll-busters.com’s Chat and on our Facebook page message button, helps directContinue reading “Chatbot Provides AI-Powered Coaching for Online Attacks”