Protect Florida’s Journalists From Physical Harm

[Submitted for op-ed column, Tallahassee Democrat, April 3, 2019] By Michelle Ferrier I used to think that only foreign correspondents had to worry about violence as they reported from elsewhere on the front lines of war. Now, I know. Journalists are at risk in their own back yard. This month, news of a database ofContinue reading “Protect Florida’s Journalists From Physical Harm”

Women Journalists Suffer Online Abuse in Silence for Fear of Retribution

A new research report, written by TrollBusters founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier, shows significant short- and long-term effects for women journalists facing online abuse, including changes to their reporting routines and censoring of topics covered. In most cases, this abuse goes unreported to management, as women journalists fear retribution, including removal from assignments and their jobs.Continue reading “Women Journalists Suffer Online Abuse in Silence for Fear of Retribution”

Online News Association Workshop to Tackle Online Abuse

In conjunction with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the International Women’s Media Foundation, TrollBusters Founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier will be co-leading a workshop to develop strategic initiatives for female journalists under attack online. “Online Harassment of Female Journalists: From Impact to Action,” will be hosted on Thursday, September 13, from noonContinue reading “Online News Association Workshop to Tackle Online Abuse”

Press Push Back Against President Trump

IN THE HEADLINES: THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2018 In an unusual move of coordinated action, newspapers across the United States shared editorials and commentary this week on the values of a free press, pushing back against President Donald Trump‘s attacks on the press as “enemies of the people.” This is NOT a drill. White House correspondentContinue reading “Press Push Back Against President Trump”

Student Press are Under Attack

Student press are increasingly under attack from coordinated external groups seeking to target an individual journalist or fracture an already contentious campus atmosphere. Gershon Harrell of the reports in April 2018 that Madison Newingham, a liberal political activist and junior double majoring in political science and history, drew the attention of internet trolls forContinue reading “Student Press are Under Attack”

Doxing of Reporters Chills Coverage

At least 11 Huffington Post reporters were doxed and threatened online by the alt-right in May 2018 after reporter Luke O’Brien produced a story that identified the Twitter account of social media user @AmyMek, suspected of spreading hate speech. Doxing is when personal information, such as work or home address and telephone numbers are distributedContinue reading “Doxing of Reporters Chills Coverage”

And We Persisted: Online Threats Leave Journalists Exposed to Physical Attacks

To Our Capital Gazette Colleagues, we’ve got your back. #wepersisted ❤ The recent deaths of five journalists at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday underscore the hostile environment journalists are experiencing here in the United States. News organizations are reporting that the shooter had a long-standing anger at the newspaper for coverage surroundingContinue reading “And We Persisted: Online Threats Leave Journalists Exposed to Physical Attacks”

Tarred and Feathered for Life: Bart Christner and the Effect

Your Honor, perhaps you can imagine how hard it was to begin to piece together my life without work and with websites like propagating my false arrest all over the internet…After paying to get my mugshot removed from these online sites, it simply crops up on another new site that extorts more money toContinue reading “Tarred and Feathered for Life: Bart Christner and the Effect”

We’re Celebrating the Dragging of’ Owners on Twitter owners Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, Thomas Keesee, and David Usdan were arrested last week on charges of extortion, money laundering and identity theft. Their online platform featured public record mug shots of those who encounter the U.S. justice system, whether on warrant or spurious charges. Those people featured in these mug shots areContinue reading “We’re Celebrating the Dragging of’ Owners on Twitter”