TrollBusters/Toxic Avenger Magazine Named Finalists in Anthem Awards

TALLAHASSEE (January 25, 2022) – Toxic Avenger magazine and the work of TrollBusters are among the finalists announced Tuesday for the inaugural Anthem Awards, designed to showcase and celebrate mission-driven work and social impact. With nearly 25,000 submissions from 36 countries around the world and 10,000 reviews, TrollBusters joins projects like The New York Times’ “The 1619 Project” and “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, to compete for the highest honors of best in class for gold, bronze and silver on February 15.

Dr. Michelle Ferrier, founder of TrollBusters. (, launched Toxic Avenger magazine in August 2021 to support journalists and advance press freedoms around the globe. The magazine provides tactical and strategic solutions to combating online harassment, digital harms and free press issues. Each issue takes a deep look at the digital and social practices of journalists and provides education, training and news on technology, policy and solutions to being a journalist in an age of digital misinformation. 

“We continue to take the research and monitoring work we do and translate that into actionable strategies for journalists and newsrooms through Toxic Avenger magazine and our other products and services. We provide just-in-time support to journalists to help them help themselves and stay safe doing their work.”

“We’re so excited to be nominated as finalists in this global competition and to celebrate the hard work we put in every day to train journalists on how to do their work better and safely,” Ferrier said.

Recent issues of Toxic Avenger magazine, available online at

Ferrier, a tenured full professor in journalism at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and the former dean of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, established TrollBusters in 2015 to combat online harassment of women journalists. Her research has been published in the 2018 report: Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and their Reporting, and the December 2021 analysis: “Social Media Policies Put Journalists at Risk,” in Columbia Journalism Review. The award program, hosted by The International Academy of Digital Arts & Science, selected the innovations and services of TrollBusters as finalists in three categories in:

  • Awareness Categories-Campaign-Non-Profit
  • Product, Innovation, or Service Categories-Best Brand Campaign
  • Product, Innovation or Service Categories- Innovation

Jessica Lauretti, managing director of The Anthem Awards, said the program celebrates the current digital shift to more philanthropic and socially conscious concerns. 

“By recognizing and highlighting purpose- and mission-driven work, we can amplify the impact of those programs. We can also bring folks together for collaboration and partnership and ultimately inspire folks to make a positive social impact in their communities.”

As reported in the Associated Press, a team of judges included actors Daniel Dae Kim and Ashley Judd, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, New Ventures CEO and former Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman and fashion designer Marc Ecko. 

The Anthem Award competition, from the same organization that hosts the Webby awards, features the best digital work from around the world in categories such as diversity, equity and inclusion, education, art and culture, health, human and civil rights, humanitarian action and services, responsible technology, and sustainability, environment and climate. Winners in each of the seven categories of judging will be selected on February 15 and honored at a virtual awards show on February 28 at the first Anthem Voices conference.

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TrollBusters, a project of the Media Innovation Collaboratory, provides just-in-time training, coaching and education to journalists operating in digital spaces. More information is available at The Media Innovation Collaboratory, is a Tallahassee-based educational nonprofit organization at

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