Press Push Back Against President Trump


  • In an unusual move of coordinated action, newspapers across the United States shared editorials and commentary this week on the values of a free press, pushing back against President Donald Trump‘s attacks on the press as “enemies of the people.”
  • This is NOT a drill. White House correspondent April Ryan says she pays for a bodyguard, after repeated death threats. 
  • Many police departments post mugshots online to name and shame those arrested. Recently the online posts of Berkeley Police Department were used by websites coordinating White Lives Matter rallies to target protestors. The doxing of those who have been placed in public view causes their continued harassment. Read about our client and the continued fights over, the company using off-shore servers to continue to operate.
  • While alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars is in the center of a public debate about Internet platforms censoring content, these websites control public discourse  using algorithms that protect some offensive content while deleting other content.

  • Parents of children who were targeted at the Sandy Hook Elementary School are still trying to prove that the shooting wasn’t a hoax. Conspiracy theorists have been rampantly using the internet to spread misinformation about the incident but some websites are protecting these conspiracy attacks more than others.

  • When Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose, an openly lesbian actress, was cast to play the lesbian Batwoman, it was a historic moment for queer representation in the media. That is until trolls harassed Rose so much, she quit Twitter.

  • In our men behaving very, very badly file, a pilot from United Airlines shared explicit photos of a flight attendant. The U.S. government is now suing United for creating a hostile work environment but United told Insider that it “will vigorously defend against this case.”

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