Our new chatbot helps you navigate online abuse


  • Misogynistic abuse, particularly of women journalists, is “tediously predictable” says a recent report about the online harassment of women on the Australian Broadcast Corporation.
  • It seems Facebook likes watching. When complete strangers were rating this woman on “how f*ckable she is, she couldn’t gain access to the private group and couldn’t get Facebook to shut it down.
  • Predating #MeToo movement, this Wall Street Journal article describes the long-term effects of online abuse after Whitney Wolfe Herd took on Silicon Valley and Tinder.
  • Abortion fundraisers are suing several entities they say were behind a “multipronged cyberattack,” which hacked their websites, stole donors’ identity and banking information, instigated a DDOS attack on their website and subjected them to harassment from extremists. They are alleging violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as well as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.
  • top lawyer in Australia says victims of cyberbullying should have the opportunity to sue the platforms that allow it to persist.
  • Cyberbullying is now punishable with jail time and/or a fine in West Virginia thanks to the passage of Grace’s Law, which goes into effect in June.
  • And PBS NewsHour recently asked “Is the U.S. Doing Enough to Fight Russia’s Troll Factory?”

Get Just-in-Time Support
Our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is Jane On-The-Spot

From our website at http://www.troll-busters.com or from our Facebook page, our AI-powered chatbot will give you immediate coaching on what to do next in an online attack. We’ll lead you through a series of questions to direct you to just what to do when you’re under attack.

WATCH TrollBusters founder Michelle Ferrier speaks on a panel for The International Association of Women in Radio & Television, “#MeTooOnline: Workshopping Solutions to Counter Cyber Violence Against Women.” [MARCH 2018]


Lock It Down!

What are you doing to protect yourself from hackers, trolls, and corporate and government surveillance?

These resources will help guide your efforts.

  • The Center for Investigative Journalism offers this handbook on information security for journalists.
  • Digital rights technologist Gem Barrett goes through tactics and tech tools for fighting online harassment in this post on Medium.

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