Chatbot Provides AI-Powered Coaching for Online Attacks

50 different Twitter threats an hour. One woman journalist was overwhelmed at the threatening tweets coming at her from different users. Combatting the online activity quickly took over her work plan for the day. She turned to TrollBusters for help.

chatbot-e1524061535359.jpegTrollBusters new chatbot, linked on’s Chat and on our Facebook page message button, helps direct journalists to immediate resources to combat online abuse. The bot responds to users answers about the type of abuse they are experiencing and provides technical, psychological and platform-specific strategies for counteracting attacks.

TrollBusters chatbot

Much of TrollBusters’ work has been about addressing just-in-time interventions to diminish the effects of online abuse. While women in general experience misogynistic attacks online, women journalists face a different dynamic because they are targeted as “public figures” and as women. Organized attacks, by anonymous smart mobs, or swarm activity by a frenzied, viral tweet, online abuse can quickly devolve with immediate, long-term impact on a journalist and her work.

“We’ve learned from our work with women journalists that this abuse can be fast and furious,” TrollBusters founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier said. “Our interventions are designed to quickly monitor and address troll activity so that we diminish the duration and frequency of attacks.”

TrollBusters worked with Lisa Williams to design the beta chatbot using the TARS platform. Williams describes the development process in a series of posts on GitHub. The bot is designed after TrollBusters’ popular infographic, “Online Abuse: What to Do? Where to Go?” that provides a threat analysis and resources to combat attacks.  The infographic is available in English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and Turkish. The TrollBusters chatbot is available in English.






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