Want to Avoid Online Abuse? “Be an Androgynous Cat.”


  • She Made Our List: Our heroine this month is Moira Donegan, who created the “Shitty Media Men” list in a private Google document. The list was designed to help young women in media avoid taking jobs that would expose them to sexual harassment, sexual assault and worse. It was intended to serve as a whisper network to women newer to the media industry who may not have had the luxury of access to the traditional “word of mouth” networks. When Katie Roiphe outed Donegan as the creator of the list in Harper’s, Donegan was faced with an onslaught of online harassment. Recently, she wrote about her journey in a compelling piece in The Cut. It’s a must-read.
  • “Want to avoid harassment? Be an androgynous cat”: Female startup founder Julia Enthoven shares the connections she found between gender and online abuse.
  • Fake Tweets Meet Russian Trolls: Miami Herald reporter Alex Harris was covering the Parkland shooting when criticism of her attempt to contact students in the wake of the disaster turned more menacing. Trolls doctored several of her tweets to make it look like she had asked if the shooter was white or if photo or video was available of the dead bodies. USA Today wrote about how this and similar trolling incidents intersect with fake news and Russian bots.
  • Nurses Face Online Abuse: Research shows that in New Zealand, nurses are among the groups vulnerable to cyberbullying as a result of their work. An article in The Conversation asks what should employers be doing to protect them.
  • Enough, She Says: UK Prime Minister Theresa May made headlines when she advocated banning abuse of politicians and public figures online and punishing social media corporations who enable it. Arguments ensued about the role of free speech and technology platforms in a democracy.


New Book Features TrollBusters

A new book, Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology and Harassment, features a chapter from TrollBusters founder Michelle Ferrier about her efforts and online abuse of women journalists. Co-written with Dr. Nisha Garud, the chapter focuses on the individual and news-gathering impacts of online abuseRead more.

“The impact of online harassment is the same as the impact of physical harassment, namely intimidation inhibits women journalists from doing their jobs.” –  Elisa Lees Munoz


READ as Elisa Lees Munoz, executive director of the International Women’s Media Foundation, writes about “How Digital Harassment of Female Journalists Threatens Freedom of Expression” in MediaShift. Featuring TrollBusters! [FEB. 27, 2018]

DON’T FORGET: TAKE OUR SURVEY! TrollBusters in conjunction with the International Women’s Media Foundation is still soliciting your experiences as a journalist or writer. Take the survey.


Stay Safe

online protection rx header graphic
Time for an online security refresher? TrollBusters’ digital hygiene lessons will have you up to speed in no time.

Then, check out these other great resources on the web.


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