Celebrating 3 Years Of Protecting Women Journalists Online!

TrollBusters Turns Three!

We’ve Built New Tools & New Partnerships

Last year, we saw renewed threats against journalists online, particularly here in the U.S. with the election of President Donald Trump. From anti-Semitic (((signalling))) to the discrediting of the media from the highest office in the land, U.S. journalists are under attack.

So we’ve been busy. TrollBusters delivered live training to more than 300 journalists last year, 80 percent of them women. We monitored more than 150 journalists to better identify and stop online abuse. Our founder worked with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on their #sofjo Safety of Female Journalists Online Campaign that launched in December 2017. Our Digital Hygiene Lessons and What to Do? Infographic on online threats were downloaded more than 3,000 times! 

This year, we’ll be developing even more online abuse protection and digital security resources to keep you and your voice online. With generous support from the Craig Newmark Philanthropies, TrollBusters is partnering with the International Women’s Media Foundation to launch a study of U.S. journalists and their work environment. Our goal: to create targeted interventions and help management develop strategies for dealing with online abuse.

Please participate in our survey using this survey link: http://bit.ly/usjournos

Online Threats Infographic Goes Global

Our popular What to Do? Where to Go? infographic on online abuse categorizes types of threats with links to what to do next to get relief. The infographic has been translated into Spanish and Hindi. We are working on one in Russian! If you are interested in partnering on a translation for your region or community, contact us at report@troll-busters.com.

Online Threats Infographic Spanish
The infographic guides journalists through online threats and possible responses to attacks. In translations, we work to insert locally appropriate partners and resources.

#ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

It was a busy year for TrollBusters and founder Dr. Michelle Ferrier. Among the recognitions:

Talks and Trainings

In 2017, Ferrier spoke about TrollBusters at SXSW, the United Nations, the National Association of Black Journalists, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Safety of Female Journalists Online, the West Virginia University Hack the Gender Gap on Artificial Intelligence and Newsgeist at Arizona State University, and was interviewed on the Dan Castricone radio show.

Dr. Ferrier also conducted webinars and trainings on online abuse for journalists for KQED, Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, the Kiplinger Fellows Program, to student journalists and to university classes nationwide.

Would you like to invite Dr. Michelle Ferrier to speak at your event or gathering? Reach out.

Michelle Ferrier is pictured speaking at European Commission
Dr. Michelle Ferrier shares stories of online harassment of journalists both before and after the United States presidential election. The European Commission met in Brussels, Belgium on November 17-18, 2016.

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